Purple Play Craft Dough Soap Crafting Kit

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As seen on TV!

A simple way to create soap at home, with all the ingredients you need at your finger tips. Our kits follow the simple melt and pour soap crafting method that is very easy to do at home.

Your kit will make 60g of dough soap that wont go stale, is great sensory fun, eco friendly, vegan friendly and suitable for sensitive skin.

It can be modelled again and again to keep the kids entertained and aid stress and anxiety relief for all ages. When you want to use your soap, simply break off a piece and use to wash!


Currently available in popular purple colour and a mixed fruit fragrance. Colour and fragrance free can also be selected.

To use these kits successfully you will need a microwaveable jug, a wooden spoon, and access to a microwave.

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