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Christmas Star Soap Crafting Kit

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As seen on TV!

This kit will enable you to create two different 85g soaps with your choice of colour strength and decorative effects. The method you will be using to create your soap with this kit is known as the ‘Melt and Pour’ method. This method begins with a ready-made soap base which is melted down for you to add your own unique blend of ingredients and left to set in its mould resulting in your own personal soap creation.


To use these kits successfully you will need a microwaveable mixing bowl, a large jug, a wooden spoon, and access to a microwave.

This kit is a safe and simple way to create soap for yourself or as gifts. This kit itself also makes for a great craft gift. The product images provided are an example of what can be made, variants of the end result will apply with different soap bases.

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