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Cosmeti-Craft Bath Bomb AquaFizzer©️ Kit

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We are reinventing the bath bomb! The luxurious fizz, bubble, colour and fragrance don’t have to be enjoyed in the bath. You can experience the benefits of your product in many ways. As well as in the bath you can also use your AquaFizzer©️ anywhere in warm water. In the shower, in a foot soak, even freshening your toilet and bathroom.
AquaFizzer©️ fizzes with water!

A selection of fragrances, colours and botanicals make up this simple workshop pack to make two different fizzers.

Make your products in your own time with the instructions included or upgrade your kit to include a 60 minute online workshop with our expert instructors. 

Once you have been sent your pack, you are advised to use it within 3 months to maintain the freshness of the ingredients. 

If you have any questions just get in touch before purchase. 

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