Lavender and Organic Soap Loaf Crafting Kit

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As seen on TV!

Our lavender and organic cocoa butter soap loaf crafting kit enables you to create truly luxurious soap. You can cut your 600g Loaf into size bars of your choice for you to wrap and give as great little gifts for friends and family.

Organic cocoa butter is of the best quality and has a high vitamin content to improve elasticity in the skin in addition to enriched moisturisation. 

Your ingredients are SLS free ensuring suitability for sensitive skin. 

Your soap crafting kit uses the ‘melt and pour’ method meaning the soap base itself is already made for you, leaving you to create your own unique blend of colour, fragrance and decorative ingredients. With no curing time needed for your soap, this means you can create beautiful soap with quick results. 


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.



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