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Lipstick Crafting Kit

Regular price £22.99

A selection of colours and luxury ingredients make up this Cosmeti-Craft kit to make a high quality lipstick with optional vegan ingredients. 

- The 'mould free' kit fills the lipstick container with a flat top that will naturally shape itself as you use it.

- The 'deluxe' kit lets you create your lipstick with a tapered shape that we all recognise as a high street manufactured product, with the help of a professional mould. Your finished product will show off that high-end look!

As with all our kits, this product can be upgraded to use during a 60 minute online workshop with our expert instructors. 

Once you have been sent your pack, you are advised to use it within 3 months to maintain the freshness of the ingredients. 

Please note that style of lipstick container can vary subject to availability.

If you have any questions just get in touch before purchase. 

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