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Cosmeti-Craft®️ Sea Creature Soap Kit

Regular price £9.99

This kit definitely ticks two boxes, fun for the kids and a great gift!

You have the option of choosing sea creature or narwhal for your kit toy and a choice of clear, blues or pinks for colours and fragrance or non fragrance.

We love the clear as it’s gives a great impression of the water and it’s the most gentle on the skin!

What will you need that’s not included in the kit?

: A clean working area

: A microwave, double boiler, or hob

: A heat resistant jug or mixing bowl

: A large spoon, preferably wooden, but traditional cutlery is sufficient if you work quickly

Adult supervision is required while using this kit and the product result is intended for use age 3 years and over. The soap base itself contains no chemical foaming agents or irritants. The ‘shelf life’ of your product once made is 12months if wrapped immediately after setting.

Please contact with any questions you may have.

Happy Cosmeti-Crafting! 

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