Lavender Soap Loaf Soap Making Kit

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A simple way to make soap at home with all the ingredients you need, at your finger tips. Our kits follow the simple melt and pour soap making method that is very easy to do at home. Your kit will make a whole 1.2kg loaf of soap and comes with your choice of specialist soap base. You can choose from a plain transparent SLS free glycerin base, Aloe Vera base, Triple Butter Base (Shea, Coconut, Mango Butters) and Crystal Honey base. 

Your kit will contain the following:

1.2kg Soap Base (your choice of base)

1 Soap Loaf Mould

10ml Lavender Cosmetic Fragrance

5ml Violet Cosmetic Colouring CI4255

15g of dried floral ingredients - dried lavender

Instruction Sheet

To use these kits successfully you will need a microwaveable mixing bowl, a large jug, a wooden spoon, and access to a microwave.

This kit is more advanced due to the amount of ingredients within the recipe. The product image provided is an example of what can be made, variants of the end result will apply with different soap bases.

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