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Dog Shampoo Bar

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An eco friendly washing solution for your pet. Easy to transport on those days out in the park when extra care and washing may be required! With no colourings (CI Codes) or artificial fragrances (parfums) this product has a lot more natural content than those bottles on the department store shelf.

This shampoo bar can be used on any size dog and consumer research and feedback on this product recommends the best results are seen in dogs with shorter fur. This product contains coconut oil to reduce flakiness of the skin and maintains a glossy coat. The content of tea tree oil deters fleas and ticks from attaching to the fur.

The new stick enables easy usage and easy storage if you struggle to store your bar ready for its next use. One stick is all you need as you can continue using the product with our refill packs.

Not recommended for expectant or nursing pets.

Available in 100g bar, 80g Stick, 75g Refill Pack 

This product collects you 5 Eco Points for the Planet.

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